About Eurogiro
More than 500,000 branches and post offices and more than 4 billion people around the world are within reach for payments between Eurogiro members. Many of these people can also be reached via their accounts.
Our History

So, what’s our story?

Eurogiro connects the physical and the digital world via a suite of classical and modern services. Eurogiro services are designed for cost efficient transactions cross-border.
Our members drive our community. Members are posts, postbanks, banks and payments service providers. Our services and solutions are created with a high degree of member involvement.
We reach more than 500,000 branches in all regions around the globe. The network reaches to urban and rural destinations.
Our solutions serve primarily in the low-value payment market. We have solutions for all aspects of payments, from access to electronic network using universal standards and settlement to multilateral agreements with common service levels.
We are a community for payment specialists and members organisations who create business using our solutions.
More than European, more than Euro
Eurogiro has its roots in European Postbank cooperation – hence the ‘Euro’ and the ‘giro’ in our name, but our reach and aspiration go further. We embrace members and partners from all regions of the world, our members exchange payments in many currencies and our services are just as suited for cross-border business outside Europe as inside Europe. Eurogiro – your global payments community