World Post Day 2020
9. October 2020

Eurogiro celebrates postal organisations on World Post Day

Every year on October 9 global postal organisations are celebrated on World Post Day.

This year is the 61st annual celebration and a year that the post offices require recognition more than ever before.

Over the years Postal Operators all over the world have had to overcome a number of disruptions from digitalization, liberalization, and changing citizen needs.

Then Covid hit.

Never before have the Postal Operators been so vital and shown such resistance.

While many livelihoods were lost, families locked down and dreams shattered, the global postal networks made an incredible effort to ensure critical services were delivered.

From letters to loved ones, medical supplies and essential cash remittances, postal workers all over the world overcame adversity to work in new ways, playing a huge part in the health and happiness of billions.

That’s why Eurogiro is proud to work with and celebrate the global postal network on World Post Day.

World Post Day was formed in 1969, to highlight the postal organisations’ contribution to the development of businesses and economic activities globally.

The day was chosen to recognise the date that UPU was founded in Switzerland, the 9th of October 1874.

Eurogiro helps connect postal organisations with financial service providers, helping increase business for both.