Postal staff at Albania Post celebrate historic Eurogiro moment
20. May 2020

Historic day for Posts and Eurogiro

Albanian and Bulgarian Posts in money transfer first

History was made on May 13th when Albanian Post and Bulgarian Posts completed the first real-time Post Office to Post Office money transfer using Eurogiro Financial Supermarket platform.

Customers of Albanian Post can now send money to any post office in Bulgaria, using the Post Offices’ own branded service. The transfer is not only secure and without hidden fees, but it also arrives in minutes.

This is all thanks to Eurogiro’s Financial Supermarket, a digital portal that allows Postal Operators to offer a wide range of financial services, including international money transfers.

It’s available to all Eurogiro members, is simple to use and helps make the world more financially inclusive.

Nevila Bejleri, Director of Financial and Banking Services at Albanian Post said: “Albanian Post is very proud to perform the very first live transaction of Supermarket, which happened at the inauguration of our new Postal Office in Lezhe. Supermarket means a new revenue stream for Albanian Post and a new revenue stream for all postal organisations.

“We are very enthusiastic, and we look forward to many new achievements together. We believe the journey ahead is so exciting.”

But, this is just the beginning. Very soon it will be possible for Postal Operators to also send money from Bulgaria, as well as to and from Turkey and Lithuania, using Supermarket.

Click here to find out more about Eurogiro Financial Supermarket.