5. July 2021

Eurogiro appoints new CEO

Eurogiro was acquired by Inpay Holding, a Danish Fintech, in 2018. At that point, Inpay made a commitment to all Eurogiro members to continue to empower Postal Organisations through Postal Financial Services.

Since the acquisition, Inpay has continued to invest in building the organisation and upgrading the infrastructure. In 2020, Eurogiro launched a strong Financial Services Platform, that enables Postal Organisations to implement new Financial Services in a matter of weeks.

This year Eurogiro has also launched PostalPay – a digital remittance service that is co-branded with Postal Organisations and can be used both domestically as well as for international remittance.

Eurogiro’s updated strategy has proven very successful, and several Postal Operators have recently signed new contracts – including Latvia, Vietnam, Bhutan and Uganda. We will continue to build the network and hope to welcome more and more Postal Organisations to the Eurogiro family.

As we embark on the next phase of Eurogiro, we have taken the decision that the interests of our members will be better served with a closer integration and alignment between Inpay and Eurogiro. Inpay employs more than 100 people and is specialized in global cross-border payments, which will further enhance our financial services offering to Eurogiro members. In that context, the existing Board of Eurogiro shall be replaced by the current Inpay Board.

In addition, Mr Kim Fuglsang Kristoffersen has been appointed as the new CEO of Eurogiro.

Kim Fuglsang Kristoffersen has 25 years of experience within banking and payments in various management positions, with international experience and the right background for understanding how large and trusted organisations such as Postal Operators can benefit from new Postal Financial Services. Kim joined Inpay as Chief New Ventures Officer in May 2019.

For any question, please contact [email protected] Eurogiro A/S