2. February 2022

Eurogiro strengthens commitment to postal organisations with new CEO

Eurogiro is pleased to announce the appointment of Thomas Jul as CEO, who will continue Eurogiro’s commitment to empower Postal Organisations through Postal Financial Services.

Having worked in leadership roles across the world, Thomas has a strong record of commercial C-level leadership roles at both Nets and Ericsson, combined with 15 years of executive leadership at Nokia. A software engineer by education, Thomas also comes with business qualifications from Harvard Business School, The Wharton School, Columbia Business School and more.

Eurogiro is an international payments infrastructure that connects postal organizations and financial institutions across the globe via a single payment ecosystem. By connecting to Eurogiro, its partners can send and receive cross-border payments, reaching rural and hard to reach end-users via the trusted and regulated global postal networks.

Thomas will also take the position of CEO of Inpay, the global cross-border payments provider that acquired Eurogiro in 2018.

The move will not only ensure that Eurogiro will benefit from Thomas’ vast international leadership and strategy implementation experience, but that Eurogiro’s partners will gain further access to Inpay’s cutting edge technology and infrastructure.

Both companies will continue to work together to propel their combined vision and activity to reduce global financial exclusion by increasing the accessibility of fair and secure financial services to the financially underserved.

Thomas said: “I am delighted to join Eurogiro and Inpay. For many decades Eurogiro has been supporting global postal organisations in their much needed and valued contribution to their communities. And I look forward to getting to work closely with our partners in order to help further expand their financial offerings within their communities.

“We have already seen the successful role out of our partner co-branded money transfer app, PostalPay with a large proportion our partners over the past year, and I’m looking forward to propelling its further international reach and expansion.”

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